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Simply by playing your favourite casino games at SimbaGames you now get:

  • Cashback for every single bet you make!
  • FREE bonuses for moving up levels
  • A dedicated and professional personal VIP Account Manager
  • Regular invitations to exclusive events and promotion offers
  • Frequent HUGE bonus offers
  • FREE money for testing new games

Make it to the Executive Levels and you could be jetting off for a luxury vacation or enjoying world famous sporting events!

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You can hardly go through your day without seeing a dozen commercials for various online games, part of which are based on gambling. And they are quite tempting, aren’t they? Those commercials are usually promising great fortunes and a lot of fun throughout your getting-rich-over-night experience. But, how to know which of those games are actually safe?

Look for Warning Signs

As an average internet user, you already know how to spot the alarming sounds of a rogue business whether you’re aware of it or not. A serious business invests in their graphic design and each piece of their contact information is very transparent and simple to check. The same goes for online casinos – if you notice anything suspicious while browsing through their pages, the best thing to do is to vacant them immediately.

Pay a Visit to Blacklists

If there are no alarming signs, and you still feel kind of uncomfortable and hesitant to start your game, you should play detective for a bit and conduct a thorough background check. The good thing is that this isn’t a difficult or a time-consuming process when it comes to casinos thanks to blacklists – it will be quite simple for you to find out whether a certain brand is marked as unreliable.

Check for Reviews

If you don’t believe websites, you should turn to customers. If there’s at least one negative experience, a displeased customer won’t hesitate from publishing their lack of satisfaction. So, check out online reviews of that casino you’re interested in, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in no time.

Test The Services

And finally, once you check all the boxes on your to-do list which we just mentioned, you should look for benefits. The fact is that you’re a free agent and you should have no doubt that online casinos will fight over you. Therefore, make sure to inspect their VIP Lounge benefits - we, at Simba Games, will even assign you an account manager – and make the best of your experience.

The truth is that you need to be careful about online casinos, but once you find a legit one that offers great perks and interesting games, you can be positive you’ll have a lot of fun playing.

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